Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The problem with /r/amisexy

Alright, this post is for all you redditors out there; a critical examination of the popular subreddit /r/amisexy.

As a Traditionalist, one can see /r/amisexy and similar phenomena as something positive, as it is eugenic and anti-Marxist/anti-egalitarian to "rate" people on the basis of their appearance. There is some truth to this, but from an anti-modern perspective /r/amisexy and its counterpart /r/amiugly are mainly negative phenomena. This post will explain why.

Modern society is only on a superficial level a society that downplays the importance of looks. While it is true that children are taught through schools and educational kids shows that everyone is good enough and everyone is beautiful regardless of how they look, this is a message that is confined to the classroom and the short snippets of educational children's programming that are still shown. It goes against a massive message from popular television, advertising, music videos and pornography, where looks are most important (I consciously use the terms looks, appearance and prettiness, as opposed to beauty, to describe what it is the modern world emphasises). 

Especially young European girls have fallen victim to this conditioning. They are constantly being fed the message that their appearance is the only thing that counts. They are either "sexy" enough to attract Ahmed, Andy or Amir, or they are completely worthless and uninteresting. There are several methods of attracting Ahmed and Andy. A girl can starve herself, dress like a 14-year old prostitute, or show her breasts on webcam. I therefore partly agree with the feminists in their description of the situation; modern society has reduced our young girls to aesthetic and sexual objects (while their personalities are of no interest to anyone, but here the feminists certainly have a significant part of the blame). /r/amisexy and similar phenomena are mainly expressions of, and part of, this development and this zeitgeist, and thus not expressions of the Indo-European appreciation for beauty. Our Indo-European ancestors judged a person's worth by other standards than if he/she was "pretty", they used the trinity beauty, truth and virtue.

An Indo-European can sense the divine in things of beauty, and our concept of beauty therefore strives upwards. Our contemporaries on the other hand, are only capable of seeing something as "pretty" if it can give them an erection, if it can make them think of sex. Their concept of prettiness strives downwards, and creates hordes of overaged pedophiles glued to their computers.

This does not in itself mean that sex is wrong, but it means that an individual and a society that becomes too fixated on sex is degenerate. Moreover, the natural development in such a society leads to gynecocracy, matriarchy.

/r/amisexy and similar phenomena are thus expressions of an anti-Aryan age, no matter how inegalitarian they also happen to be. A society that bases its inequality on people's looks, or on the size of their wallets, is really nothing to cheer for. Inequality must be based on other factors in order to be justified.

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